A car is a transportation vehicle dominantly used in the Second Era. Its dominance was overtaken by hovers, which are much safer than gasoline cars.

History Edit

In order to repair the hover the Linh family owned, Cinder went looking through a junkyard for a maglev belt and other spare parts, and ended up finding an old gasoline car that was barely recognizable. Its color appeared to look very, very hideous, and its state was "almost" beyond repair. It was full of mice, rats, dust, dirt, and was lacking many parts, showing that it had been decades since it had last been touched, albeit running properly.[1] Cinder spent most of the money she received from the Dr. Erland on fixing the car and purchasing gasoline.

Function Edit

While the former uses of the specific car Cinder found weren't known, Cinder took it upon herself to fixing it up behind her guardian's back, planning to use it as a getaway vehicle from the Eastern Commonwealth and escape to Europe. Unfortunately, the window wipers didn't work and her escape plans were all for nothing when she crashed into a cherry tree in the rain, the same day she got publicly humiliated, arrested, and sentenced to death.[1]

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