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Channary Blackburn (name Channary meaning "full moon", or "moon girl" in Khmer) was the queen of Luna, ruling in the years after her parents murder in 108 T.E. till her death in 112 T.E. She was the mother of Princess Selene.

History Edit

In 108 T.E., Channary and her younger sister's parents were killed by a shell who infiltrated the royal palace. Three days after their funeral, Channary became the queen of Luna and she enacted the shell infanticide laws, stating that any Lunars born as shells are to be promptly "disposed of" in order to "protect the sanctity of their society." In reality, they were being kept in suspended animation while their blood was used to manufacture the letumosis antidote.

Channary died of regolith poisoning shortly after her daughter was born, at the age of 25. Soon after, Levana inherited the Lunar throne and became the queen of Luna, for Princess Selene, Channary's daughter, was purportedly killed in a nursery fire. However, Princess Selene survived and was sent to Earth. Levana had glamoured Selene's nanny into setting fire to the nursery and was widely believed to have killed the princess, but because of lack of evidence, no one could arrest her.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Just like Levana would come to be, Channary was cruel and cold, however, where Levana is calculating, Channary was truly sadistic. Channary had her favorite seamstress's feet chopped off so she would have nothing better to do than to sit and make the queen fine dresses. She forced Levana to throw herself into a fire when they were young children, the reason why Levana refused to be seen without her glamour hiding her burn scars and paralyzed left half of her face (also probably the motivation for why Levana attempted to murder Selene by fighting and noted even by Cinder in Winter that they both were victims of fires, Cinder mistaking Levana's burns to be cause of her nursery fire). She seemed to have had very little interest in ruling and did not seem to care about the citizens of Luna, leaving the job mostly to her sister and councillors. She appeared to be somewhat manipulative, as shown in the beginning of Fairest where she told Levana to make a speech at their parents' funeral after slapping her, and was sadistic and uncaring of other people's feelings. In the beginning of Fairest, she stated that she wanted to be known as "the queen who never stopped laughing".

In contrast to this, she suggested that she loved Princess Selene (Cinder) a great deal, keeping her daughter's crib directly next to her bed, and chose to feed Princess Selene herself rather than ordering her servants to do it for her, as noted by Levana in Fairest. However, since she died soon after Princess Selene's birth, her exact relationship with her daughter is unknown.

She was known for her promiscuity.

Physical attributes Edit

In the beginning of Fairest, Channary was described as remarkably beautiful, bearing lovely tanned skin and dark chestnut-brown hair that was apparently not a glamour, as Cinder has inherited these traits. She was noted to have eyes that tilt up at the corners, as though she was always smiling, which might have been part of her glamour.

Skills Edit

Channary was not shown to have used her glamour or her gift excessively. Instead, she relied more on her negotiation skills, cunning, and natural beauty. She was quite skilled at convincing people to do things that she wanted them to without manipulating them bioelectrically. An example of this would be when she convinced a six-year-old Levana to stick her hand in a fireplace, resulting to severe burn marks which Levana continued to cover up.

Relationships Edit

Levana Blackburn Edit

The two sisters had a complicated relationship of some sort - they did not show their spite for each other frankly; rather, they acted passive and showed that they did not like the other's traits, thus they had very different personalities. Channary shamelessly abused her status as queen, which irritated Levana. She showed no embarrassment in showing her sadistic personality towards Levana, even when they were young. Channary was responsible for scarring Levana at a very young age by convincing her to position her arm above the fireplace.

Linh Cinder (Selene Blackburn) Edit

It was portrayed in Fairest that Channary's love for Selene was genuine in contrast to the other members of the Lunar royal family. Although Channary's lover was unconfirmed, she still loved Selene, ansd personally took care of her rather than the maids doing so, causing Levena to be intrigued by this side of her sister. However, the full extent of this relationship is unknown as Channary died shortly after Selene was born.

Family tree Edit

Marrok Blackburn
Jannali Blackburn
Unknown ♂
Channary Blackburn
Levana Blackburn
Evret Hayle
Solstice Hayle
Selene Blackburn
Winter Hayle

Levana Blackburn

Fanarts Edit

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Quotes by Channary Edit

"Ah, there's my ugly duckling."
―To Levana, Fairest
"Being Queen is a right, little sister. A right that comes with endless supplies of men and servants and beautiful dresses."
―To Levana, Fairest
"Come here baby sister. I want to show you something."
―To Levana, Fairest
"I was trying to save you."
―To Levana, Fairest
"Remember, baby sister? Remember how I came in here and found you playing with a real fire in the fireplace?"
―To Levana, Fairest
"I hope it's a boy. I am so sick of princesses."
―About her unborn child, Fairest
"Love is a conquest, love is a war. Here is what I think of love."
―To Levana, Fairest