Darla was formerly an escort droid in the African Union, but has since become the Rampion after joining Cinder's team.

Recent events Edit

Cress Edit

Darla is first seen by Cress hanging out on Thorne's knee. Cress immediately becomes jealous and left, later getting kidnapped. Later, she finds out that Darla is actually an escort droid won by Thorne so Iko could have an actual body instead of a ship.

Darla is Iko's replacement on the Rampion; she trades places with her and becomes the ship, while Iko takes Darla's body. Darla does not mind this, as she is an android programmed not to have many emotions.

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

According to Cress, Darla has warm brown skin. Her hair is in dozens of long thin braids dyed various shades of blue. Her first outfit is a blouse and khaki shorts. She also has "the longest legs Cress had ever seen".

Later, while crashing the wedding on Earth, Iko uses her body and wears black slacks and a white blouse.

Her body sustains lots of physical damage in Winter: losing a finger, neck lacerations, a broken arm, losing her ear, and multiple bullet holes, which Iko later covers up with bandages for aesthetic purposes.

Iko later installs eyes that changes colors with her mood.