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Dmitri Erland ( the name Erland meaning "stranger" in Norse), originally known as Sage Darnel, was a royal scientist at New Beijing Palace searching for a cure to the deadly virus letumosis.



Dr. Erland once had a wife, and his daughter, Cress Darnel, was born a shell and was taken away from him according to Lunar law. This event prompted him to escape Luna and to find the true Lunar heir to displace Queen Levana so that the infanticide would stop. He created the cyborg draft in order to find Princess Selene, which greatly distressed Cinder.

Dr. Erland was the leading scientist of the letumosis research team in New Beijing Palace. He was employed by the Eastern Commonwealth to find a cure for the plague.

Dr. Erland was actually a Lunar fugitive who worked in the palace as a letumosis researcher. When Cinder first came in as a plague research volunteer, Dr. Erland began to suspect her true identity as Lunar Princess Selene. He tested his theory on Cinder by injecting the disease into her but learned that she was immune to the disease, and he performed a test to find out that she is 36.28% cyborg, and also to find that she is Princess Selene, although he did not tell her at the time.

He offered Cinder first access to a letumosis antidote for her stepsister, Peony, in exchange for her to stay as a "volunteer" for him to learn more about her immunity to letumosis.

Cinder's parentage was not yet known to anyone besides Dr. Erland and the people who brought her from Luna and made her a cyborg. When her Lunar heritage was discovered and she was arrested to be taken to Luna to withstand "trial", Dr. Erland visited Cinder in New Beijing Prison, giving her a new cyborg hand and foot so that she could escape and claim her birthright. After their meeting, he left for Africa, where the first outbreak of letumosis came from, to further his research for a cure.

He stated that he had a daughter, Crescent Moon, who was a shell. He believed her to be dead, and told Cinder that "she would be about your age now".

Dr. Erland's sudden disappearance, along with security footage of his glamour and assistance with Cinder's escape from jail, gives suspicions that he was in fact Lunar. He was previously wanted as a crown traitor by the Eastern Commonwealth.

Cress came across Dr. Erland in Farafrah, a small African town with many Lunar refugees as residents, continuing his research for a cure for letumosis. He only accepted Lunars as test subjects for the cure, especially looking for shells, and was said to be picky about them. When Cress was kidnapped after her satellite crash, she was taken and sold to Dr. Erland. At first glance, Dr. Erland immediately recognized Cress as his long-lost daughter because of her sky-blue eyes that were similar to his, and her hair color and freckles that resembled her mother.

During their infiltration of New Beijing Palace on Emperor Kaito and Queen Levana's wedding day, Dr. Erland was in the research labs with Thorne trying to get Thorne's stem cells into a solution of eye drops to cure his blindness. He succeeded in this, but when he was finished he discovered blood blisters on his arms, a sign of the mutated form of letumosis that Lunars were no longer immune to. He ordered Thorne to leave and quarantined himself. Before making their escape, Cinder, Thorne, Cress, and Wolf visited him one last time, where he admitted to being Cress's father and apologized to her for giving her up at birth, and told her he loves her. After a tearful parting, he was confronted by Queen Levana and her entourage, but died within minutes, after revealing that he knew Levana's secret that she had manufactured the plague to bring Earth to its knees. 


Personality Edit

Erland was a knowledgeable man who was always infatuated to find out the unknown. He found people, cyborgs, and any wonders of the world enticing. In Scarlet, he was shown to be crafty, being able to forge built-in weapons on Cinder's mechanical arm that enabled her to break out of prison.

Physical attributesEdit

Dr. Erland was an old man with "a bald spot surrounded by thin, messy hair" and "eyes bluer than the sky" with an impish grin. He sounded to be rather skinny and short, at least shorter than Cinder. He normally wore a "gray newsboy cap" and a white lab coat. 

Relationships Edit

Linh Cinder Edit

Erland's relationship with Cinder was originally on professional terms due to the cyborg draft experiments, however it eventually grew to a sort of acquaintanceship or alliance following the discovery of Cinder's Lunar royal roots. At the end of Cinder, Erland claimed that he would venture off to Africa. However before his departure, he gave Cinder a new bionic arm with new mechanical features including weaponry functions.

Cress Darnel Edit

Erland loved his daughter but could not reach out to her during her time in her satellite. Regarding the fact that he had to let her go at a young age, Erland was surprised when he found out that his daughter was still active. He had always wanted what was best for Cress, and displayed his affection for her as well. He disregarded Cress's standoffish nature towards him and tried his best to care for her like a father should.

Carswell Thorne Edit

Knowing that Thorne was a fugitive and the fact that Cress was in love with him, Erland was immediately skeptical of Thorne, constantly telling Thorne behind the scenes that he was not good enough for Cress. Overall, Erland did not like Thorne.


  • Dr. Erland's Earthen surname (Erland) was an anagram for his real surname, "Darnel."
  • He spent twelve years on Earth.

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