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An Earthen is a being born on Earth. Earthens do not have the lunar gift of being able to bioelectrically manipulate people but they are still able to be manipulated unlike shells. Earthens are human and can have cyborg parts. Earthens are not immune to the first or second strain of letumosis. Earthens in The Lunar Chronicles include, but are not limited to, Emperor Kaito, Emperor Rikan, Carswell Thorne, Scarlet Benoit (however, Scarlet is 25% Lunar), Michelle Benoit, Émilie Monfort, Linh Peony, Linh Pearl, Linh Garan, and Linh Adri.

Government Edit

Earthen are ruled by there respective countries' governments. For instance, if one lived in New Beijing, one would be under the rule of Emperor Kaito and so on.

Abilities Edit

Earthens can do most jobs available in society such as fly space crafts, be mechanics, farmers, run taverns, among several examples.

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