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This page is the rare exception to heavily feature external links:
The purpose of this is to provide information in the most direct way for fans around the world; should one have questions about foreign editions, the official websites and social media are ways to contact the publishers about them.

The following is a list of international publishers and respective foreign editions of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

"Marissa Meyer" in other languages
Country Langauge Written as
Bulgaria Bulgarian Български Мариса Мейър
China Simplified Chinese 简体中文 玛丽莎•梅尔
Georgia Georgian ქართული ენა მერისა მეიერი
Greece Greek Ελληνικά Μέγερ Μαρίσσα
Israel Hebrew עברית מאריסה מאייר
Japan Japanese 日本語 マリッサ・メイヤー
Korea Korean 한국어 마리사 마이어
Russia Russian Русский Марисса Мейер
Serbia Serbian Srpski Marisa Mejer
Taiwan Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 瑪麗莎・邁爾


Cinder Scarlet Cress Winter


Cinder Cover Brazil Cinder Scarlet Cover Brazil Scarlet 07/??/2014[1] Cress Cover Brazil Cress Winter Cover Brazil Winter 09/??/2016[2]


Facebook acknowledged by the Publisher
Cinder Cover Bulgaria Синдер Scarlet Cover Bulgaria Скарлет Cress Cover Bulgaria Крес Winter Cover Bulgaria Уинтър 05/10/2016[3]


Cinder Cover Catalonia Cinder 03/22/2012 Scarlet Cover Catalonia Scarlet 02/21/2013 tbc n/a


Cinder Cover China 暗月之影 08/01/2016 Confirmed. tbc n/a


Cover preview
Cover preview
tbc n/a

Czech Republic

Cinder Cover Czech Republic Cinder 04/17/2012 Scarlet Cover Czech Republic Scarlet 09/17/2013 Cress Cover Czech Republic Cress 04/30/2014 Winter Cover Czech Republic Winter 10/31/2016[4]


Cover preview
Cinder 11/04/2016
tbc n/a n/a


Cinder Cover Estonia Cinder 05/20/2016[5] tbc n/a n/a


Cinder Cover France Cinder 03/07/2013 Scarlet Cover France Scarlet 11/03/2013 Cress Cover France Cress 10/16/2014 Winter Cover France Winter 04/21/2016

Georgia, Democratic Republic of

Cinder Cover Georgia სინდერი 05/26/2016[6] Cover preview



Confirmed aiming for

June 2017 release.[8]

Details tba



Cinder Cover Germany Wie Monde so silbern 12/20/2013 Scarlet Cover Germany Wie Blut so rot
Cress Cover Germany Wie Sterne so golden 08/??/2014 Winter Cover Germany Wie Schnee so weiß 01/29/2016


Cinder Cover Greece Σίντερ 02/??/2013 Scarlet Cover Greece Σκάρλετ 10/??/2013 Cress Cover Greece Κρες 07/??/2015 Winter Cover Greece Γουίντερ 11/05/2016[9]


Cinder Cover Hungary Cinder 11/08/2012 Scarlet Cover Hungary Scarlet 11/29/2014 tbc n/a


Cinder Cover Indonesia Cinder 01/??/2016 Scarlet Cover Indonesia Scarlet 02/29/2016[10] Cress Cover Indonesia Cress 06/07/2016[11] Winter Cover Indonesia Winter ??/??/2016[12]


Cinder Cover Israel


tbc n/a n/a


Cinder Cover Italy Cinder 03/13/2012 Scarlet Cover Italy Scarlet 04/30/2013 Cress Cover Italy Cress 04/26/2016


Details tba


Cinder Cover Japan v1 シンダー 上 04/16/2015

Cinder Cover Japan v2 シンダー 下 04/16/2015

tbc n/a n/a

Korea, Republic of

Cover artist: 홍자혜 ▪ hongjahye.comBlogFacebookTwitterInstagram
Cinder Cover Korea 신더 08/28/2013 Scarlet Cover Korea 스칼렛 11/22/2013 Cress Cover Korea 크레스 11/07/2014

Winter Cover Korea v1
윈터 I 09/02/2016

Winter Cover Korea v2
윈터 II 09/02/2016

Latin America

Cinder Cover Latin America Cinder 05/??/2015 Scarlet Cover Latin America Scarlet 10/??/2015 Cress Cover Latin America Cress 02/??/2016 Winter Cover Latin America Winter 12/??/2016[14]


Cover preview


tbc n/a n/a


Cinder Cover The Netherlands Cinder 10/15/2012

The new Dutch cover
is exactly the same as
the US cover
Cinder 01/20/2017

Scarlet Cover The Netherlands Scarlet 03/27/2013

The new Dutch cover
is exactly the same as
the US cover
Scarlet 02/20/2017

The new Dutch cover
is exactly the same as
the US cover

Cress 03/20/2017

The new Dutch cover
is exactly the same as
the US cover

Winter 06/20/2017


Cinder Cover Poland Cinder 10/15/2012 Scarlet Cover Poland Scarlet 05/06/2013 n/a n/a


Cinder Cover Portugal Cinder Scarlet Cover Portugal Scarlet Cress Cover Portugal Cress No plan of publication

as of December 2016[15]


Confirmed aiming for

June 2016 release.[16]



Details tba


Details tba


Details tba


Cinder Cover Russia Золушка

Cinder Cover Russia pb Золушка

Winter Cover Russia Белоснежка


Cinder Cover Serbia
Bila jednom jedna... Pepeljasta
Cover preview

Bila jednom jedna…


Confirmed for 2017.[18]

Details tba



Cinder Cover Spain
Cinder 10/20/2016

Cinder Cover Spain
Cinder 03/??/2012

Scarlet Cover Spain
Scarlet 10/20/2016

Scarlet Cover Spain
Scarlet 02/??/2013

Cress Cover Spain
Cress 10/20/2016[19]


Cinder Cover Sweden 2 Cinder 04/01/2015

Cinder Cover Sweden Cinder 08/20/2012
(Mix Förlag)

Scarlet Cover Sweden 2 Scarlet 06/25/2015

Scarlet Cover Sweden Scarlet 06/03/2013
(Mix Förlag)

(Hardcover & ebook)

Cress Cover Sweden Cress 08/20/2015

Confirmed aiming for

Summer or Fall

2017 release.[20]

Details tba


Cinder Cover Taiwan 機器灰姑娘 01/20/2014 Scarlet Cover Taiwan 星際小紅帽 05/26/2014 Cress Cover Taiwan 衛星長髮公主 11/25/2014 Winter Cover Taiwan 月球白雪公主 03/29/2016


Cover artist: Chonlada Duangduean (r-pre) ▪ mahilk.artstation.comDeviantArtFacebookPinterest
Cinder Cover Thailand ซินเดอเรลล่าจักรกล 02/??/2014 Scarlet Cover Thailand สาวน้อยหมวกโลหิต 10/??/2014 Cress Cover Thailand ราพันเซลบนดาวเทียม 03/??/2015


Cinder Cover Turkey Cinder 01/05/2015 Scarlet Cover Turkey Scarlet 01/05/2015 Cress Cover Turkey Cress 05/06/2015 Winter Cover Turkey Winter 04/01/2016


Cinder Cover Vietnam Cinder
Scarlet Cover Vietnam Scarlet

Cress Cover Vietnam Cress Phần 1 10/20/2015

Cress Cover Vietnam v2 Cress Phần 2

Winter Cover Vietnam v1 Winter Phần 1

Winter Cover Vietnam v2 Winter Phần 2


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