Identification chips, or ID chips for short, are basic components that contain a person's identity. Along with providing as a person's identification, these ID chips are also able to track the person's whereabouts if inputted into a database. These are not difficult or expensive to manufacture. ID chips are embedded in a person's left wrist and can be scanned to confirm identity.

When Cinder was visiting Peony in the warehouse, she witnesses an android slit the wrist of a dead letumosis patient, then remove the ID chip and store it in a compartment with dozens of other bloodied chips.

In a later visit, Cinder sees Peony die while an android comes to take her dead sister's chip. Cinder knocks out the android with a syringe and slits Peony's wrist to retrieve her ID chip.

Later, when Cinder and Thorne escape from prison, Adri and Pearl visit Kai to tell him that Peony's ID chip could be used to track down the two fugitives.

Kai's ID number is: 008175004

Other Uses Edit

  • ID chips can work as a tracking device. People not wanting to be found will often cut out their ID chip, and, as Scarlet thought in Scarlet, many kidnappers will cut out their victims' ID chips as not to be tracked.
  • Lunar fugitives will pay for a dead person's ID chip and use their identity to prevent being found. Immigrating from Luna was illegal and was punishable by death.

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