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Joshua Haddon was the head thaumaturge of Luna during the reign of King Marrok and later Queen Channary.

Biography Edit

Shortly after Channary's death, Joshua had retired, and his position was replaced by Sybil Mira. Despite his retirement, he never left the palace. Years later, Queen Levana falsely promised to marry him and make him King of Luna if he kills her husband Evret Hayle. Haddon fulfilled her wish and shot Evret three times with a gun, but was then stabbed in the chest by Levana and died.

Relationships Edit

Levana Blackburn Edit

The extent of their alliance was not shown, however it could be suggested that Joshua seriously took his queen's word over anyone else's, showing how easily Levana took advantage of him. It appeared that she was aware of his blind trust in her as the main cause of Joshua's death.