Konn Torin was the late Emperor Rikan's and Emperor Kaito's advisor

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Torin carries a very diplomatic and serious demeanor most of the time, and scolds Kai when he jokes around and thinks optimistically. Despite that, he really does care about Kai and wants to help him in all the ways that he can. Torin is like a father figure to Kai now that his real father is gone, and has known the royal family well.

Torin is very diplomatic and serious about practically every situation. He rarely has a sense of humor and is always scolding Kai when he jokes around. His faithfulness overshadows his ability to sympathize with others. In rare occasions, he shows a fatherly side of himself to Kai when he is put in possible danger.

Trivia Edit

  • In the first draft of Cinder, Torin was originally named “Coen”; he was originally a villain, secretly working for Levana.[1][2]

References Edit

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