Lunars are the genetically mutated humans that live on the moon, known as Luna, that can manipulate the bioelectricity of all humans except for shells to make them do whatever they want, called "glamour." They can also make illusions, for example, Levana Blackburn making people see her with no imperfections. However, the drawback is that glamour does not work on mirrors and androids. In special cases, a mutation of the gene causes some Lunars to be born without it; these people are commonly called "shells."

History Edit

Cyprus Blackburn, the first king of Luna, had his DNA damaged as a child from prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation from cosmic rays. This DNA damage developed into what is known as the Lunar gene, enabling him to output and control bioelectricity to implant thoughts into other people's heads. Blackburn later uses this power to turn the Republic of Luna into a monarchy, crowning himself as the king.[1]

Known Lunars Edit


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