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Paris Opera House Facade
The Paris Opera House, also known as Opéra Garnier, is a grand building in Paris where the headquarter of the Lunar army is located. It was designed by the architect Charles Garnier and built between 1861 and 1875 S.E. as part of the great reconstruction of Paris during the Second Empire of France initiated by Emperor Napoleon III. For many centuries, it was the home of the Paris Opera, the primary opera company of France. With a surface of over 11,000 square metres, it was the largest opera house in the world and an architectural marvel. It was most famously known for its use as the setting for The Phantom of the Opera.
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Marissa Meyer
Marissa Meyer is the author of The Lunar Chronicles. She was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, and attended Pacific Lutheran University where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing.
Vanity is a factor, but it is more a question of control. It is easier to trick others into perceiving you as beautiful if you can convince yourself you are beautiful. But mirrors have an uncanny way of telling the truth.
Dmitri Erland about Lunar glamour. [src]
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