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The Lunar Chronicles, sometimes abbreviated as TLC, is a young adult series of science-fiction novels written by American author Marissa Meyer.

Plot descriptionEdit

The series revolves around Linh Cinder, a cyborg who worked for her stepmother Adri. Her unique makeup, combined with her adoptive father's inventions in cybernetics, allowed her to become the best mechanic in New Beijing at the tender age of sixteen. Her talents became so widely known that one day the crown prince, Prince Kai, brought his android, Nainsi, for her to fix, and while he tried to make light of the subject, it became apparent that it was a very serious matter. As the prince and mechanic grew closer, the harsh truth tore them apart.



Winner[citation needed] of Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles Cover



Foreign editionsEdit

Publications rights to The Lunar Chronicles are sold to the following territories:

Country Title of series Publisher Translator Cinder Scarlet Cress
Brasil As Crônicas Lunares Rocco Maria Beatriz Branquinho da Costa 2013 2014 x
Bulgaria Лунните хроники Егмонт България Кристина Георгиева 2014 2014 2014
Catalonia Cròniques Lunars Estrella Polar Aïda Garcia Pons 2012 2013 x
Croatia Algoritam
Czech Republic Měsíční kroniky Egmont 2012 2013 2014
France Chroniques lunaires Pocket Jeunesse Guillaume Fournier 2013 2013 2014
Germany Die Luna-Chroniken Carlsen Astrid Becker 2013 2014 2014
Greece τετραλογία της Σελήνης Εκδόσεις Πατάκη Αλέξης Καλοφωλιάς 2013 2013 x
Hungary Holdbéli krónikák Alexandra Bujdosó István 2012 2014 x
Israel Kinneret
Indonesia Haru
Italy Cronache Lunari Mondadori Alessandra Sogne 2012 2013 x
Japan The Lunar Chronicles 竹書房 Take Shobo 林 啓恵 2015 x x
Korea 루나 크로니클 시리즈 북로드  ? 2012 2013 2014
Latin America V&R Editoras
Norway Schibsted
Poland Saga Księżycowa Egmont Dorota Konowrocka 2012 2013 x
Portugal Crónicas Lunares Planeta Victor Antunes 2012 2013 2015
Russia Лунные Хроники ACT А. Чертова 2014 2014 2015
Serbia Laguna
Spain Las crónicas lunares Montena Laura Martín de Dios 2012 2013 x
Sweden Månkrönikan Modernista Lena Karlin 2012 2013 2015
Taiwan 月族 核心集團 崔容圃 2014 2014 2014
Thailand ปกรณัมแดนจันทรา Muse ลมตะวัน 2014 2014 2015
The Netherlands De Lunar Chronicles Manteau Sandra C. Hessels 2012 2013 x
Turkey Bir Ay Günlüğü Kitabı Artemis Beril Tüccarbaşıoğlu Uğur 2015 2015 2015
Vietnam Công Chúa Mặt Trăng Hoa Học Trò  ? 2015 2015 2015


The Lunar Chronicles emoji stickers by Swyft Media

On December 1, 2015, a set of emoji stickers of The Lunar Chronicles was released by Swyft Media, and is free for download via the Apple Store and Google Play.


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