• You know what makes me sad? Since TLC came out a few years ago, there has been less and less activity on the site. With Wires and Nerve, there has been a spike in interest but since it's a graphic novel (with controversial depictions of character appearances) it has quickly faded. This is disappointing because the universe is so great! Tell me what you think we should do about it.

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    • I wish I could answer that for you, but that would depend on how many people are still active on this site. Contests, maybe? Forum games? Maybe reaching out to Marissa Meyer and seeing if she'll hold an AMA or something? xD; But seriously, I would like to see more activity on this site. And most of the entries for the series need to be edited *and* updated!

      As for Wires and Nerve, while I agree that some of the character designs differ from how I've always imagined them, what people fail to understand is that Marissa Meyer only has so much creative control over the graphic novel. And even then, regardless of how a character is portrayed, she was probably still happy with it. I know I've had friends make fanart of my own characters, and even if it's not accurate, I still love it.

      And, of course, the coloring book is far bigger offender than the graphic novel (Cress doesn't have that much hair and is it just me or did Kai and Thorne look almost identical?) in terms of controversial character designs.

      That aside, I think Marissa Meyer holding an AMA here would help. I know her twitter is super-active, so...who knows? xD

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