• Hey there! Hope all is well!

    I have to say, being on several wiki really is hard @@ (at least for me). I haven't been checking every article here for some time, and it is only until the most recent Levana edit that brought this issue to my attention... I was not aware that, for example, Cinder (character), the edit after has changed its format, making the subsection of "Biography" once again "out of universe" style, bluntly laying out, using the title of each book as subsection names. Is this preferred? I'm just checking because the edits were done by a then-admin and I don't want to revert the format if the current one is actually what this wiki wants.

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    • Hey there! I use the RecentChangesMultiple script from dev, so I noticed you're on! (Meaning, please don't be creeped out lol)

      Anyways, User:Beeper100 started Thread:7156 for the same question I asked here; when you have the time, let us know what you think! xDD

      Hope all is well!

      For pure chit-chat, I started and am almost finishing another trilogy on a whim! I usually don't especially care for time-travling stuff, but I supposed the layered "missions" added the fun and mystery (only that I'm not exactly sure if it's one of those, "plot, for the sake of plot", or "plot, that's actually clever in every single way, plot" lol) Have you heard of/read the Ruby Red trilogy? I'm so surprised that it has quite a few foreign wikis! I mean, Inkheart trilogy got more ratings on Goodreads and has 1 Hollywood adaptation, whereas Ruby Red has German adaptations (currently 2 films, 3rd coming out next year), and the second film wasn't exactly released internationally like the first one; yet Inkheart (as far as I'm aware of) only has one other wiki in another language (in its original language), whereas Ruby Red has four others!!! AND in EACH languages there are duplicates as well! It must have generated a fuss at some point! The English wiki honestly sucks though, so I'm on it sparsely xP.

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    • Yups, I'm online. I saw that website has a new design, so I thought I would change the look here too. Fairest' design is outdated now, especially with Winter coming soon!

      I'll look into the article format, thanks for telling me!

      Never heard of the Ruby Red trilogy. Hmm.. maybe there are some super fans who happen to know multiple languages? Haha. It looks like it's a popular series in Germany. As for Inkheart, there may be more wikis in another language, but just difficult to find because they have an unknown domain name?

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    • Nah, again, as far as I'm aware of, they are actually all created by different people (cuz it's honestly crazy to have that many multiple accounts lol) And they weren't even linked to one another until I sent out an interlanguage link request; there's a Dutch one too (w:c:nl.edelsteentriologie), though that one I know the founder has also edited on the German one.

      With Inkheart, honestly, I've tried using all three of the book titles in the language I'm searching for (whatever that's listed on Wikipedia, so quite a few), and really came to no luck, whereas the same method worked for Ruby Red. Oh and scratched that, I forgot I DID find a Polish inkheart wiki late last month, so that makes it 3 wikis included the English one in total. (RR has 5)

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    • I have updated your experiments page because I really liked how you ordened the cover that way... do you mind if I add them to the series article?

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    • So I did a little search for wikis for Inkheart. This is the result:

      • (your wiki)
      • (another english one, maybe can be closed?)
      • (I guess you know this one already?)
      • (German)
      • (another German)
      • (Polish)
      • (this wiki is not dedicated to the seriies but has a section about the series?)

      That's it. Gues you're right that there are no other wiki's... Perhaps you can create a Chinese one?

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    • Oh!!! I thought you didn't want to show covers on that page lol (I really liked this old version but the new one with the table has its efficiency as well) I don't mind you using it at all! Happy even lmao! I love images!!!! xDDDD

      Awwwww and thank you for spending time on help searching Inkheart international wikis!!!! Yes, I'm aware of the other two English wikis and they've been approved by Wikia Staff to be merged with ours; I just needed to verified a few more things before that can be done. I've notified the German Wikia Helper about de.tintenwelt last month, and he agreed with me that it can/should be merged with de.tintenherz, though it doesn't seem to happen anytime soon lol. That last German wiki I haven't seen lol It looks like a book wiki? Which is good, cuz the only German one I know (w:c:lieblingsbuecher) doesn't have a page for the series!

      And believe me when I say, I really did think about opening a Chinese Inkheart wiki for less than a split second; but like with a lot of things, they just don't work in my brain.... I mean, it really depends on what language I originally know the subject in, which is why even though I'm a huge old school manga/anime fan, I cannot really edit on English wikis cuz I simply don't know my stuff in English. Vise versa, for the shows Arrow and The Flash; I watch them in English, and their Chinese wiki sucks so hard that the English admins were like, "perhaps you can go help edit", but I simply can't cuz I wouldn't know what the character's names etc. were officially translated. I guess there's also the fact that I see little point of opening wikis that most likely will only just have myself on it lol. If it were something I know being extremely popular with Chinese speaking people, that might have swayed my decision... Sadly, I don't think Inkheart is one of those things.

      Right now, I think I'm just trying to maintain the English one and gradually make up what its missing; it's a really slow process because just last month I've been given admin rights on two other wikis. They both have more articles, but probably because being larger, their status (article quality) are actually worse than Inkheart when I took over... So there's extra workload I supposed. Great thing for one of the wikis, is that another user adopted it, so I'm not alone, and that I've managed to find decent users to come help editing, which is something I failed to do with Inkheart (sans KR of course; she's wonderful!) That wiki is w:c:septimusheap:Septimus Heap Wiki; I think I've asked you about it awhile back. (The other I really don't think it's worth mentioning for now lol)

      Back to Ruby Red trilogy lmao. Sorry, had to share it with someone!!! I finished it and for the moment I can't help re-visiting it over and over again LOL. I think it's funny that for some reason, I honestly thought it was gonna be some stupid romance drama (sorry); but when reading/listening to it chronologically, I realized the relationship thing really wasn't the focal point at all xDDD So yeah, def. helping out the English wiki (the admin from the German wiki is super nice too!) I ended up making a logo for it and picking the custom fonts and favicon; though content-wise I'd only be able to help out much later. Being sort of a one-trick pony, here's some eye-candy for you for now: w:c:ruby-red:Editions and cover arts >x3

      Sorry... A super long post again! I kinda just really miss talking to you, ahaha :3

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    • Hey there! It's been a while, so when you have the time, can you take a look at the original question in the first post? I would still like to know the preferred article format so they can be unified.

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