• Ohmystars wrote: I have updated your experiments page because I really liked how you ordened the cover that way... do you mind if I add them to the series article?
    BTW, after a surprisingly challenging search, I finally located the Japanese edition... but here's the thing, Cinder is currently the only one being translated (released on 2015/04/16), but that's not the problem; I'm not exactly sure how you'd like to proceed this as it got split into two books "CINDER シンダー 上" and "CINDER シンダー 下"; here's the respective links from the publisher's official website:

    I know some books due to their thickness would get split into more than one volume, but Cinder is the thinnest from the main series so far; kind of makes me wonder how many books the later ones will be published as.

    Do you want 2 separate images? I found the publisher tweeted a combined image, but that's also including the sort of advertising piece of label that's not really part of the book.

    The super nice HQ version without the label can be found on amazon, but I just wonder if you really want two big files that's basically a mirror version of each other when it comes the the image.

    Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I'm absolutely NOT uploading separate files for the sake of uploading separate files, if that makes any sense; like I'm not doing it just because I prefer .png and just started switching them out; if an already-uploaded good quality image is .jpg, I will not be uploading duplicates just so they could be .png; however, if the .jpg file is considerably low-res, that's when I see the opportunity to switch them and preserve quality shall the occasion needs it. For the Korean ones though, I realized the versions you've uploaded, along with what's more likely to be found via google, actually are images with the extra label over it; the thing I was telling you about with the Japanese version. I've confirmed this when looking at fan photos of the books physically, as long as the preview function certain Korean websites provides (unfortunately it's adobe flash, so I couldn't just drag the perfect images like I'd love to lol) If you still prefer covers WITH the label;

    are what I managed to find for Cinder and Scarlet, (Cress is already considerably HQ so I didn't bother looking), like File:Scarlet Cover Korea.jpg def. needs replacing if choosing to keep them, cuz the bottom left has a watermark.

    If I manage to find better versions for Portugal, Sweden, Thailand and Turkey; I will also be doing the same thing. Just giving you the heads up! (Pixelated images really hurts the eyes!!!)

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    • Thanks so much!!! I couldn't find Korean versions without the label, so I'm happy you did!

      As for the Japanese version, yeah, Japan tends to split books, even if they are far from thick. The other series I have a wiki of, they even split into three volumes for the first book. Don't even know if they'll publish Scarlet, Cress and so on. Some publishers stop a series if the interest in their country is low... so we'll see. I guess it's best to upload the first and second volume separately, because together the cover would be too large (not the usual portrait size that the other covers have). Then we could add only volume 1 to the list of covers in your experiments page, since the illustration are the same.

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    • Oh wow hey! You're online! xD (kind of a real coincident cuz I was just about to update some status with you :3 )

      Interesting! I mean, I already don't read much to begin with, so there's even lesser reason for me to search for foreign editions (especially in Japanese!) I only start doing that because editing book wikis on Wikia, and as you know, that's basically just Inkheart lmao, so I kinda of just based my impression for what I found for that trilogy, being considerably on the thick-side. Their Japanese edition is actually not split, which is why I guess I was so surprised for Cinder xP.

      I think the Japanese publisher at least does "intend to" publish the remaining books; I've mentioned this in one of my edit summary, because on the bottom of the Japanese Cinder covers, it says "The Lunar Chronicles #1", so it indicates there's supposedly #2. But whether they follow through is another thing. xP Could be like what you said, though I'd think that's such huge irony considering the series was originally inspired by Japanese work lol.

      I'll upload them when I have time (it's so low priority comparing to others), I was just telling a Staff how I'm kind of in a "spreading myself too thin" situation. lol

      BTW, my "original intention" for the cover arts section on my experiment page, is to only include covers with different imagery, since I realized a lot of edition actually just uses the original US cover arts; I also only listed country that had published all three current books, which was why Hungary wasn't originally listed. I also realized some countries, although having different covers from US, actually has the same cover with other countries, which was why France and Sweden weren't originally listed (Russia didn't have it's third book uploaded back then). I've sort of reevaluated my "self applied" rules, and feel that for Sweden and Russia, at least they have 2/3 original covers so far; whereas I cannot say the same for France... Hopefully, if they publish the last book, it'll also have original cover art.

      But yeah, I mean, you've added them so it's fine to keep them there, but I just want to explain to you what my thought process was; it really wasn't about listing all foreign editions, because if that's the case, you'll realize it's actually missing quite a few countries. I'll understand that if you wish to use it on the actual article page, then it'll probably need to list every single edition. For that purpose, I'll probably add an extra separate table on the experiment page later.

      Lastly, I've located HQ versions for Portugal and Sweden; for Thailand and Turkey I've found at least better quality than the current ones. I'll admit it definitely took some time, so I'd just like to inform you so you won't have to also spend time searching them. =D Will be uploading them throughout the week!

      EDITED: Okay it's done; I've moved both France and Hungary along with adding missing countries to User:Xxsammmsammmxx/experiments#Complete_list; I've also just checked, apparently Cress really wasn't released in Poland, and there's even a petition about it [1] but the publisher just responded by saying sorry that it wasn't going to happen. Kind of sad cuz I feel like the Polish Wikia community sometimes has to most advance knowledge when it comes to customizing wikis.

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    • Hi there Ohmystars!

      I want to inform you I have yet again another proposal, and I think I might even just proceed to it when I finish typing to you, and if you don't think it is necessary, you can then delete the entire thing. But first I would like to, again, SUPER thoroughly explain my reasoning.

      So, I think we can sort of agree that locating semi-good quality images of foreign editions, isn't exactly a piece of cake, especially if the languages aren't written in roman alphabets. But the thing is, for those ones, once you know what keywords you should be using, it became easy; whereas countries using the exact same book titles, may actually be harder (like, you may end up keeping seeing U.S. editions instead)

      What I'm trying to say is, while I think it's FAIRLY good that Meyer has this page, on her website, there's definitely still room for improvement. As I've stated my frustration in one of the sentences in my experiment page, without any links, for some editions, even finding the publisher is impossible. Obviously, I manage to eventually find a lot of them, but the hours of searching time for each edition... I mean, sure, I uploaded the images, job done; but on the other hand, I also feel like, I've already located the book pages on respective publishers' official websites, why not just document them as well, so that next time I won't have to look through my browser history, or start searching for them all over again. I think that, as a wiki aiming for "online encyclopedia that contains detailed information about the The Lunar Chronicles series", this sort of information is absolutely acceptable. Usually, if I ever want to look up foreign edition, I'd see what I can find on Wikipedia, and unfortunately, if there is any foreign pages about this series, it is not linked to the English page.

      What I am proposing is to have a separate article concentrating on those edition; I'm not as crazy as, oh create a page for each publisher/edition; no, just ONE SINGLE PAGE. Why not just use the series' article? Well, I find it a bit absurd that while each book individually successfully provide information about their English publisher; that specific crucial info is not listed on the series page, nor is any of the series' official sites. I had to find those things on Lunar Chronicles Wiki:About, or through our conversation. I feel like the series page itself has other potential, such as mentioning audiobooks and who the reader was (this version is listed on all novel pages but no specific info about that one), book tour and events held by the publishers, and overall inspiration and concept etc.

      As for the stand-alone international publishers' page: I'm aiming to have it provide info such as those sites achieve (but aiming for even better of course!):

      I have not yet managed to get the format completely right (the width seems to exceed the limit just a tad bit, even though I've set it to 100%?) but the general idea feels clear enough. The Publishers' social media part, is that when the website doesn't have an English option, at least on social media where the navigation is up to the users, people will at least understand what buttons to click on. There's also the fact that I think some publishers are more active on their social media... And with each external links for books, they direct people to the books on their publishers' websites (if applicable).

      EDITED: The page is created at: List of international publishers and publications, like I said earlier, I think the only thing making it not completely acceptable, is the weird exceeding width thingy, if you identify what the problem it, please help modifying it! The other reason I want it to get it out there, is that, before, it was really only to cater to my personal liking, but now, when it's about providing information that may benefit whoever's searching for them, I see no point constantly editing my "user page", when it may eventually be an article, providing article material to begin with.

      Different topic. This one I am super torn. I'd like your opinion on those 2 images:

      Cinder Cover Thailand

      Cinder Cover Thailand

      I'm going to be completely honest, the second one I found via publishers page, looks like crap if you are fairly close to your computer screen; however, if you are at arm's length to the screen (not exactly too far from it at all), at least to me, the second one might actually look like it's more focused (especially the letterings). It still doesn't change the fact that it looks horrible up-close, so I'm wondering if it's worth it at all. If you don't think so, feel free to delete the .png one!

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    • Yes I actually reckoned that your experiments page was for your personal liking so you could view the pretty covers next to each other.. Then later I added those other covers (some having similarities with the original covers) because it would be easier later to copy & paste them to the Series page.. I am a bit selfish there haha. Anyway, I think my favorites are 1) Thailand and 2) Korea. What are yours?

      I got to say I'm totally AMAZED at your work at List of international publishers and publications!!!! Well done! I may rename the title of the page later, but that's absolutely what I aimed for when I initially removed the covers from the series page and then added a table with information about the publisher and translator.

      The Thailand cover, I guess not much difference, except the second one is sharpened and is a bigger size? It doesn't matter to me which one you want to use, just choose one you feel it's better.

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    • Initially I actually liked the German covers the most, I feel that it is so different from the others, but it's so smart and to the point; I am however disappointed with their last book cover lol. I didn't feel that it made a stunning conclusion as it should have. The rest, I guess I do like the Vietnamese and Korean covers when viewed as sets. I do like the fact that Thai version of Scarlet seems to be the only one as of now to include the shotgun. I am FAIRLY disappointed that the Japanese didn't take the opportunity to do some badass covers... man... (advertising again), not saying that I'm particularly fond of this art style, but w:c:ruby-red:Editions_and_cover_arts#Japan, but at least it's so distinguishable from the others!

      Okay good, I'm glad that it seems like you are okay with the current format (I managed to find the initial problem I was having regarding to the widths; apparently 170px is each image's limit, even though supposedly there should have been a 5px gap to go up to if needed..) I'll continue to work on the page when time allows. As for the page name, I did wonder if the "list of" part can be removed; I picked the word "international" over "foreign"... well, because even though the latter word also effectively describe the page, I just feel that the former word feels less like excluding something out.... grrrr it's hard to explain... so like, the word "foreign", according to google: "of, from, in, or characteristic of a country or language other than one's own." I didn't want anyone to feel like they are the "other" part. If that makes any sense. I really suck at explaining.

      As for the Thai cover. That's a relief, cuz I wasn't sure if I was only imaging it to be crisper.

      Since the table for the international page will contain repetitive format, do you think it's alright for me to create a template that for the in-betweens so that those specific table column restriction won't need to be constantly pasted on the article?


      | colspan="4" align="center" width="100%" height="5px" bgcolor="MidnightBlue"|
      | colspan="4" align="center" |<h3 class="main-heading">{{{1}}}</h3>
      | colspan="2" align="center" |{{{2}}}
      | colspan="2" align="center" |{{{3}}}
      | colspan="2" align="center" |{{{4}}}
      | colspan="2" align="center" |{{{5}}}


      | colspan="4" align="center" width="100%" height="5px" bgcolor="MidnightBlue"|
      | colspan="4" align="center" |<h3 class="main-heading">{{{country}}}</h3>
      | colspan="2" align="center" |{{{series title}}}
      | colspan="2" align="center" |{{{publisher}}}
      | colspan="2" align="center" |{{{translator}}}
      | colspan="2" align="center" |{{{social media}}}

      Let me know what you think! (Template name can be "Global" since "International" is too long for my laziness lol (usually I would even shorten the names to the initials, but I don't think it's preferred on this wiki xP))

      Edited: Updated to what the table now is using.

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    • The German covers are indeed quite remarkable.. so different from the others: simple, yet meaningful. But I agree with you that the Winter one is kinda disappointing. Yeah, the Japanese covers are boring in contrast to Japanese covers of other books. Even the other wiki I own (Kingkiller) has more badass Japanese covers for the books. At least they put an illustrator at work to draw manga-styled covers... Pity they didn't for TLC, despite that the whole fairytale concept of the series could inspire great drawings...

      As for the format and title, I'm thinking about how to improve it. Harry Potter wiki for example separates the information into several articles (instead of one):

      • 1 (all languages + translator), similar to the table here
      • 2 (translated book titles)
      • 3 (translated characters, locations, terms)
      • 4 (book covers)

      It might be an idea to separate some of the information like what the Harry Potter wiki does instead of all in one page? It's just an idea.. We could also just keep it like it is now, and rename the page to something like "Editions of The Lunar Chronicles"?

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    • Oh hey there! The previous post about template is actually a bit outdated cuz I later did some tweak with the table; don't worry about that for now lol.

      Yeah, I am really hoping that the Japanese publisher would realize their error for marketing and make new covers lmao.

      On that note, I was able to find the illustrators for the Korean and Thai covers, should they get separate articles, or just a conjoint list article for all the artist who have worked on covers?

      Hmmmm..... man I am so torn about this! Obviously this is just my personal opinion, but here goes: I don't particularly feel how the way HPW handle it makes it easy when the reader wants a clear comparison; the wikipedia page on the other hand (similar to what you did on the foreign section for the series), imo is way better than how that wiki did it. Cuz... Say this isn't about foreign languages, imagine, if you want to look up info for Cinder (book), and you have to go to different pages for a complete set of info: a page for the book name, then there's a page where you can actually see the cover of the book, and there's a page of what publisher published it. Not suer if the that makes any sense, so let's add in the foreign language factor; imagine you want to look for Cinder's German version; if we split the pages, you'd have to find 1.) the page where the translated title is listed, 2.) the page where it says what publisher published it, and finally 3.) the page where you can see the cover of that edition. I just think it's tedious when all that could have been cover in one single place. HOWEVER, I can also sense a counter argument for the people who simply wish to look up certain info and not all. So here's my compromise proposal, is it okay that we keep this "EVERYTHING-INCLUDED" article, and then have separate pages for the people only wishes to see specific info? Pretty please????

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    • Hahaha..

      I agree that separating the information into that much pages, like what the HPW does, is a bit too exaggerating indeed. I guess these are the bits of information we have at the moment:

      1. Country
      2. Language
      3. Publisher
      4. Translator(s)
      5. Series title
      6. Book titles
      7. Book covers

      Additional information we could add:

      1. Book release date
      2. Cover artist

      What we could do is to separate the information about the series from information about the individual books? Like this?

      • Page 1: Country, language, publisher, translator, series title, similar to the table in Wikipedia
      • Page 2: Book covers, book titles, book release date, cover artist
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    • OMG! I think your idea of splitting the pages is perfectly well balanced! (I was a tad bit too focused on getting them all in one place)

      I'll test it out in my user page soon. But is it okay for the first one (the table method), to include the publisher official website and their social media? Cuz I really do think that's what helped make finding the books possible lol.

      Adding book release date (if not just month), should be considerably possible, I'd just add that underneath the title and see how it looks.

      UPDATED: Feel free to move List of international publishers and publications to Editions of The Lunar Chronicles without leaving a redirect! (which is why I haven't moved it myself, not sure if you want to keep the old name); after testing, I've once again gone ahead and created Publishers of The Lunar Chronicles, hopefully this time the title fits what you prefer!

      I know the scroll may take some time to get used to, but believe me, I've tried sticking with the 700px limit; there's simply no way to fit that much info without the table looking super cramped and unpleasant! So I hope this is acceptable! I know it looks fairly similar with what's already on the series page, but I think how the HP Wikipedia page uses the sorting tables is a nice touch. Please don't remove the ones on the series page just yet! I'm still using it as a guideline... cuz as you can see, both the edition page and publisher page are still incomplete; I'm still gathering info as I go. I'll also be removing the duplicate info on the edition page now the second page is created, but that's the secondary task after filling the content.

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    • Ah... well done!!! Don't worry, I won't remove anything until we're completely done. I'll help out with the pages whenever I have time

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