• Hey there, I think I should have brought this up earlier, but was it intentional that the links and the red-links are almost not distinguishable? Just wondering.

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    • No, it was not intentional to make them not distinguishable. When we had the Fairest theme earlier, with the dark orange links, it was already quite confusing, but the red links now are completely crap. But I want the primary color to be red to match the colors of the TLC website... What to do???

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    • hmmm That's weird; I do remember seeing you used red (as in something close to actual red, like the shoe color on Cinder cover) for the links during one of your modifications... but I think what I'm seeing now is actually the old color?? Or is it just me? Cuz yeah, on Stars Above, on my screen, all the links literally look like they have the same color Orz, just the yeah, the red-links have a lighter shade... It's really playing tricks to my eye if factoring a slightly patterned background... lmao. I mean, as long as it's not something so close to the color used for red-links... I don't think other shades of red would be a problem.

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    • I didn't change anything recently for the design.. so it was always this red, and before this it was the dark orange from Fairest theme. I agree that they do look like the same color, so I just switched blue and red (buttons and link colors). This way we still use the same primary colors that match the TLC website.. what do you think?

      Btw, did you finish Winter already? I'm still reading... but I don't have much time, and I read very very slow, as I take notes every page, write summaries and POV down so I can use it for the wiki later.

      Also, I participated in the design contest, you can read in this blog post. Did you participate?

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    • Ahhh... I forgot link colors aren't done by MediaWiki lol. Yeah, I know the previous link color has been like that for quite some while, but there was a short window (within minutes; I happened to be online that time, and after a refresh, it was already changed to the previous one) that the links were really vibrant red. I think I'm staring at my screen too long and it's really not good for the eye... Orz I have to admit that while regular links and red-links are very distinguishable now; I find the regular links not popping out enough, kinda blending with the text; but it really could just be my eyes being damaged lol.

      And yes, I've finished Winter... I actually purposely took it really slow because... I was afraid of being disappointed if I got to the end and end up hating it lol. Felt extremely relieved when it didn't happen xP.

      Man... I DID think about participating, but I kinda first got the date remembered wrong, thinking it ended a week earlier than it actually did; so when in reality I still had one week, I was like... well, eff it, need to work on finals. lmao. And you probably know by know, Cinder is actually my least favorite book of the series, I honestly had to restrain myself to not going into hate-mode when talking about how disappointed I AM about factual errors. Anyways, I hope there would be similar contest like this one for the following books! And I wish you the best luck! =D

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    • Yeah the link colors and such are done through that Theme Designer tool and the changes done there don't show up in Recent Changes... I agree that this dark blue again is not distinguishable from the dark text color.. sigh. I just played a bit with the color blue, but couldn't find a bluish color that doesn't look better.

      Ohhh you finished already! Wah! Good to hear you didn't end up hating it haha. I'm now only at chapter 16...

      I actually didn't hear about the design contest until it was the final week, so I didn't have much time left, but I still tried my best to make something. I was actually quite surprised to see how many contestants chose the same take I had (with the scene of Cinder falling down the stairs). Thanks for wishing me luck, but I know already I won't make it to the finals. Just look at the gorgeous designs on her board!! If I were the judge I would drown into all that haha.. My favorites are the entries by Tonie, Hannah, Zoe, Katherine, Sandra (in that order). The key is simplicity and they nailed it! Besides, these entries really are about Cinder (some entries are more about Cinderella or random cyborgness).

      Mine is a bit too crowded (compared to the above mentioned design).. but I wanted to add that I made the design with T-shirt litograph ( in mind. So if you cut my design in half, the left half goes to the back of the T-shirt (where you see the foot on the stairs) and the right half on the front side of the T-shirt (with Cinder looking up).

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    • Anyway, since Winter is released now, I'm thinking about making this completely spoiler wiki (no more using the spoiler tag) and renaming pages to Linh Cinder (full names)......

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    • Oh, um, I just want to check with you; you know that for the first 3 books I only listened to the audiobooks, but for Winter, I couldn't wait so I managed to find an e-book version first (I think I was on ch. 11 before I finally got hold of the audiobook); did your copy also have 97 chapters? o___O"" That's honestly my facial expression when I saw the table of contents... I was like... was there some labeling mistake or something... but unfortunately the copy actually looks legit (as in not one of those typed and put together by fans lol)... And yeah... even the audiobook has that many chapters... I mean... I know this book is considerably thicker... but I sure didn't remember the previous books having big numbers like this for total chapter counts.

      Awwww.... were you really that surprised? I mean, what else would be a nice scene if not that one? I'll be completely honest, when I did think about entering, that was also my concept lmao. Cuz like I said... I didn't particularly find the first book too special. Though I planned to have it as the main scene, but have a frame-ish set around it consisting other elements (mainly the orange car, Cinder's tools... =P)... TBH... Unlike the book mark competition (I'm still pissed I missed that one out lol), this time there really aren't ones that really WOWed me (how arrogant lmao), but I suppose if I had to pick, my tops would be yours, Giuliana's, and Kara's. xP

      Aww, and you know I'm all up with using full names xDDD. But shoot, I almost just spoiled you (not sure), I think for certain characters, it's probably best to leave it to be decided later after you finished the book. But yeah I'm still totally down for the change no matter what; haha.

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    • Hey, don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your edition of the e-book or audiobook. Winter is exceptionally thick!! It's 832 pages, (Cinder 390, Scarlet 452, Cress 550), so no surprise that the total chapter count is high too! Maybe we should create a table in the series page which includes the chapter number for each book, the page numbers and audio length?

      Hmm I guess for some will decide after I finish the book, but I'm going to rename some already, like Jacin Clay and Logan Tanner.

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    • Hmmm, what do you think about just adding parameters to {{book infobox}}? I mean, I guess an overall comparison table would be nice for the entire series, but I don't think those information are on individual book pages either, so it'd be nice to have them there as well.

      (I still think 97 chapters is simply ridiculous; I rant about it a few times when I was updating my reading/listening status on Goodreads; I personally don't think the way the chapters are split helps the story's presentation; though I do think the 5-book split is appropriate, the quote used in the beginning of each book is as spot-on as ever imo.)

      The audiobook version also have a small interview at the very end; KR told me her physical book copy doesn't have it, nor does the ebook version I managed to get, so I guess that's something special. =P

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    • Hmmm I swear some entries were added later on; I like Madison's, but it wasn't one of the finalists, and after seeing a larger view posted on Meyer's blog, I supposed I'm fond of Snigdha's as well, but alas some of the details would be hard to translate for this particular contest, so I will be voting for the one I like that did make it as a finalist. =]

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    • Yeah I'm pretty sure the last two are added later on. I'm surprised the lineart ones made it into the finals, since they are less 'silhouettish' and more like drawings (and would be difficult to convert into litographs?). None of my favourites made it into the final :( so I just voted for Snighda's. I appreciate it when people put lots of thoughts and details into the art, which is definitely the case in her design.

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    • What's your thought on Thread:7775#10? Do you think I should eventually add the extra interview in the audiobook version on a trivia section for the book?

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    • I agree about having the information on the individual book pages too, so I've added the audio parameter to the book infobox template. I wanted to add "number of chapters parameter, but visually it didn't look good to have pages and chapters below each other in the infobox, so I added the chapter information to the pages row instead.

      As for the interview, it does look like the audiobook has that bonus material. You could add it in the trivia section. Is there something special said in the interview?

      Btw, (I think you probably noticed already), but in the end I renamed all the character article titles. I might change some once I finished the book.

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    • k cool (about how the chapter info are incorporated)

      Um, not sure if it's anything TOO special; I kind of feel like some of the information probably could be found in other interviews, like the Puss in Boots stuff, I think she also talked about what other fairy tales should we like to do retellings on, beside AAiW that is. She also talked about why the countries are choose like that (again probably could be found somewhere else), but anyways I'm glad this time I'm hearing it from her xP

      And yeah, noticed xDDD. Where you at with the book?

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