• Hi there Ohmystars! Happy New Year!! Just wanted to know if all is well? Haven't heard of you in a while and am kind of worried since I saw one of your label on w:c:kingkiller is now "RETIRED CHANCELLOR"... I do hope you are occasionally still around?

    Just wondering if it's too late to take up your offer about being a moderator from last year? But with a twist, being both "content" and "discussion" moderator! Hear me out; you'd think with the combined groups, the rights one gain is close to being an actual admin, so why not just go for that? But that's just it, it's "close", but it's still lacking the right to edit MediaWiki pages, something I absolutely don't think I'd be needing to do on this particular wiki, which is why I think the option is perfect. I'm asking for the position simply because I'm anal about images and recently there's been duplicates again, and frankly I feel quite helpless for not able to do anything when you are the only one able to actually deleting them and not being around lately. As for the discussion moderator, it is because some threads doesn't seem to be posted on the correct board, and if I have to constantly notify an actual moderator to make the adjustment, might as well just be one myself to avoid the hassle and get it done faster. Hope you'll think about it?

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    • Hi there, Ohmystars! I just wanted to know that because of one particular image that was turning out to almost escalate into an editing war; I sought out Staff help to get the content moderator position, as the lack of protection rights with the remaining editors is a major issue without you active; I'll leave you to decide whether the additional discussion moderator right is needed; and should you wish to remove the right, it's okay, too. I'm just temporarily stepping in to take precautions. =D Hope all is well!!

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