• I recently finished the four books of the Lunar Chronicle's series, and I'm going onto the other two books that tell more about the series. Currently, I'm on "Stars Above" and I'm almost done with that, once I'm done with that, "Fairest" is my next target. Problem is, THEY'LL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS THE SERIES. The Lunar Chronicles is, hands down, the best series/thing I've ever read (my personal opinion, don't get too sensitive about it). Argh, if only Marrisa Meyer can tell us MORE about what happens afterwards...the only thing we get is "Something Old, Something New" a short story that tells things what happens afterwards...but the things that happened afterward that she wrote was very, very predictable. I really want Marrisa Meyer to set out some time to tell us readers what happened afterwards...maybe even go, like, ten or something years afterwards?! My frustration levels lol...I just really want to know what happens after (SPOILER ALERT FOR SOME OF YOU): Kai proposes to Cinder, after Cinder's abdication, etc. I really need more details on what happens :( Let's face it, Marissa Meyer is an AMAZING writer, but SOME of us want a little more insight on what happens after the story in "Something Old, Something New" and "Winter". This is just my little own rant lol, please don't take it too seriously. 

    P.S. My frustration has formed a fan-fiction on Wattpad about what happens afterwards. I'm insane. Here's the link to the story:




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    • What I was disappointed about was the acute lack of politics in the story. There should be more involvement in running a country that was completely glossed over.

      On another note, it seems your fanfic is quite the epic tale! What I'm confused about is the rebellion, and why Cinder needs the rest of the Rampion crew to help her with it. Why doesn't she go back to Luna as soon as she found out?

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