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The univ is the official currency of the Earthen Union, and used universally by the countries in all six nations.


  • 600 univs for Linh Cinder's lightly used second-hand cyborg foot
  • 800 univs for a new hover magbelt
  • 600 univs for a respectable memorial plaque
  • 687 univs (although the original price was 690 univs) for Scarlet Benoit's delivery of tomatoes
  • 1,500 univs as a citizen reward for taking a Lunar to the police
  • 4,500 univs for the autopsy of a deceased human
  • 5,000 univs as a fine for tampering with a royal android
  • 12,000 univs for a Venezuelan dream doll (a skinny wooden doll bedecked in feathers and painted with six eyes)
  • 20,000-32,000 univs for the trafficking of a Lunar shell
  • 40,000 univs for a second-era diamond necklace sold at a net sales listing
  • 80,000 univs as a reward for Linh Adri for her assistance in the manhunt of Cinder

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