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  • Beeper100

    Here's something that bothered me for some reason: Cinder deciding to get rid of the monarchy on Luna. Why? Well because she didn't need to. 

    So, Cinder's a cyborg who can look up basically anything. Does she not know that Luna was under an absolute monarchy? 

    (an absolute monarchy is a monarchy in which the king or queen have total power over law)


    Her reasoning was so no Levana would ever rule Luna again. Not legit. Completely ridding the country of their current system is a bit far-fetched. So I'm going to assume that the United Kingdom is still a constitutional monarchy. Is Cinder oblivious to this fact? Or does she not consider ever transitioning to constitutional? 

    - a future Levana could not be a Levana because of these laws r…

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  • Beeper100


    January 24, 2016 by Beeper100

    This has been something that's been bugging me a whole lot, so I'll clear it up. 

    1. Cinder is part Asian. She is Asian and Caucasian. I don't know why people enjoy arguing she's fully Caucasian, but please read Marissa's character guide. Maybe you're just terribly confused. Still, read up on it. 

    2. This is actually a bit more puzzling to explain, but Wolf is Caucasian. Skin colour does not apply to race. It's the facial features. If a child of two dark-skinned Asians was born paler than his parents, would that automatically not make him Asian? No.

    If you want to argue that Wolf is not white, then go ahead. You're right. All white people are Caucasian, but not all Caucasians are white. Want a definition? 

    White: belonging to or denoting a hum…

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  • Beeper100

    I would love to go over the Lunar Chronicles, book by book, so please sit back. :D


    The book hooked me! By the first chapter! A rare thing, and rarer that this series is one of my favourite series' too. A prince, meeting you? Unexpected? Surprise? Yes, please! Now, Cinder's goal in the book vaires. First, fix the hover, which is impossible for her since she cannot afford both. Then, fix the old car, but can't because she never has the time. Two down, two to go. Save her sister, though, most unfortuantely, she dies AT THE VERY LAST MOMENT! And lastly, save her Prince Charming. It isn't continuous, why I love it. 

    The setting was perfection! It's not in anywhere in America, yet Meyer's took the challenge anyway. Most YA books do take p…

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