Here's something that bothered me for some reason: Cinder deciding to get rid of the monarchy on Luna. Why? Well because she didn't need to. 

So, Cinder's a cyborg who can look up basically anything. Does she not know that Luna was under an absolute monarchy? 

(an absolute monarchy is a monarchy in which the king or queen have total power over law)


Her reasoning was so no Levana would ever rule Luna again. Not legit. Completely ridding the country of their current system is a bit far-fetched. So I'm going to assume that the United Kingdom is still a constitutional monarchy. Is Cinder oblivious to this fact? Or does she not consider ever transitioning to constitutional? 

- a future Levana could not be a Levana because of these laws restricting her power

Her other point is that being a queen is too stressful. So she led a rebellion. A full-fledged rebellion. But can't take the role of a queen. Look, being a public leader is hard. But there are probably hundreds of people born into that role. 

Deal with it ゞ(ↂ ω ↂ)ゞ

I don't know why that irked me so much, but whatever. 

                                     *another thing: so Cinder said she missed Luna because of blah, blah, and the shimmering stars in the black sky (or something along those lines). Cinder, dear Cinder, you can't see stars from the Moon. The sun's light is so bright that it blinds out the other stars. You know, unless you have some high-tech eyeballs glasses. 

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